My first post of my first blog. I’ve always thought about writing a blog but have also always had a few excuses to not write one; Time, I’m a terrible writer, time, and the fear of realizing how boring I really am and therefore not really having anything to talk about. But here I am. And here we go.

I’m a spanish student. Have been for 2 years now. I am a non-traditional student at Northern Illinois University. I plan to become a teacher in the relatively near future. I’ve seen others publish blogs based off of their efforts at learning languages and have decided to basically do the same thing. My favorite of which is It’s a great website by this college student and his road to fluency in Japanese and eventual move to Japan and his life there. Very inspiring and he also highlights many of the tools and methods he has used to get there.

The great thing is that there are so many tools and methods out there but not all work for evey person. The hard thing is choosing how you are going to approach it and stick with it. Learning a language is about consistent effort over a long period of time. Everyone wants to learn a language in no time and that is not simply not possible unless your John Travolta in Phenomenon or some autistic savant.

That’s it for my first post. Hopefully I’ll keep up with this and actually be entertaining at some point.