Screwing up is so helpful

What I mean to say is I screw up a lot, either completely or at least a little bit, and it is usually very helpful. I try to take advantage of my mistakes as much as possible and that is hard because at that time I’m pissed off and possibly feel like giving up. If I were to act out how I actually felt inside my head it might look a little something like this.


Once you relax and realize you actually learned something, you get to use that mistake and get better.

Example: Before I started learning Spanish I attempted to learn Japanese. I love the language, it’s beautiful (not to mention the women), and the culture is infinitely interesting. I failed utterly and completely. Why? Well, I used methods that worked for other people but did not work for me. But at the same time I learned about some methods that could work for me. I burned myself out on Japanese after attempting to completely immerse myself and could not go back to it. I still have yet to but plan to in the future. Anyway, I learned that completely immersing myself does not work for me. I learned that using an SRS helps me and by the time I had started using one for Spanish I had become a Veteran at using it and could start fresh and tweak it in a way I knew would work for me. This of course was a year process and I could look back on my experience with Japanese as a complete failure and a waste of time but I think that would be a lie and I think my ability to learn Spanish has been improved because of that “failure.” Done.

By the by, I would definitely encourage anyone trying to learn a language to try using an SRS. Fllow that link and there is a list of SRSs at the bottom of the Wikipedia page that explains what an SRS is. I use mnemosyne and believe it to be the bees knees.


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  1. I totally agree with you! screwing up, it helps build up resilience, and it will help you remember the word/phrase you screwed up more vividly!

    Awesome post, keep up the good work!

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